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Ring Ring Date of Release: 26 March, 1973 - Polar POLS 242

Side A

1. Ring Ring (Bara Du Slog En Signal)/ Ring Ring (English)
2. Another Town, Another Train
3. Disillusion
4. People Need Love
5. I Saw It In The Mirror
6. Nina, Pretty Ballerina

Side B

1. Love Isn't Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough)
2. Me And Bobby And Bobby's Brother
3 .He Is Your Brother
4. She's My Kind Of Girl
5. I Am Just A Girl
6. Rock'n Roll Band

ABBA started recording mostly with three musicans: one playing bass, a guitarist and a drummer. Björn and Benny both played on guitar and piano. That is how the backing track was recorded. None of the ABBA members was able to read or write music. It could take a whole day, before they were ready for recording a backing track. On the 2nd recording day, Björn and Benny played the backing tracks for Frida and Agnetha. They sat, listened and gave suggestions if they found that something didn't sound good. They gathered round the piano to prepare their voices and mostly then they brought in ideas for the backing vocals. After the vocals, there was a third day for overdubs and finally the tape was mixed. In the early years, like with this album, not every recording session was registered on sheets, so most of the songs must have had more recording days.

Mastertapes of the 'Ring Ring' album 

Recording Sessions for the LP Ring Ring from November 1969 - 15 March 1973: 

Ring Ring songwriting Songwriting session for 'Ring Ring' late 1972

She's My Kind Of Girl: November/December 1969.

I Saw It In The Mirror: Backing track on 27 February 1970. Track revised on 15 March 1973.

People Need Love: Backing track on 29 March 1972. Guitar strings were added on 5 April 1972.

Rock'n Roll Band (working title: The Rock'n Roll Band) Backing track on 30 August 1972. Guitar strings were added on 26 September 1972.

Another Town, Another Train: Backing track on 26 September 1972 under the working title Contemptation.

Nina, Pretty Ballerina: First backing track on 17 October 1972. New backing track on 2 november 1972.

He Is Your Brother: Backing track on 17 October 1972.

Ring Ring (working title: Klocklat) Backing track on 10 January 1973. Vocals on 17 January 1973. Mixing of both Swedish and Zedaka track on 17 january 1973. More work was done on the Ring Ring versions during this month. German vocals, Spanish vocals and an instrumental backing track for tv appearances were recorded on 23 July 1973. Two remixes were made on 8 may 1973.

 Benny and Björn wrote Ring Ring in Swedish and they knew that it would be a hit. They were looking for a known personality to write it in English and Stig suggested to have it done by a personal friend of his: Neil Sedaka. Later, they met Sedaka in 1973 in Belgium on the airport and Neil admitted that 'Ring Ring' had influenced his songs. Me And Bobby And Bobby's Brother: Backing track on 25 January 1973. 

Disillusion: Backing track on 14 March 1973.

Love Isn't Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough): Backing track on 14 March 1973.

Worldwide single releases with tracks from this LP: 

March 1970: She's My Kind Of Girl - Inga Theme (Björn Ulveaus & Benny Anderson). Polar POS 1096 

June 1972: People Need Love - Merry-Go-Round. Polar POS 1156. People Need Love 

1972: People Need Love - Merry-Go-Round. Playboy P50014 (U.S.) 

1972: Another Town, Another Train - Another Town, Another Train (promo). Playboy P50018 (U.S.)

1972: Rock'n Roll Band - Rock'n Roll Band (promo). Playboy P50025 (U.S) 

November 1972: He Is Your Brother - Santa Rosa. Polar POS 1168. 

1973: Rock'n Roll Band - Another Town, Another Train. Playboy Records (USA) 

14 February 1973: Ring Ring (Bara Du Slog En Signal) - Ah, Vilka Tider. Polar POS 117. 

19 February 1973: Ring Ring - She's My Kind Of Girl. Polar POS 1172. Ring Ring - Honey Honey (Germany) Ring Ring Germany 

1973: Ring Ring (German) - Wer Im Wartesaal Der Liebe Steht (Germany) 

1973: Ring Ring - Rock'n Roll band (Spain, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands) 

 Ring Ring.Ring Ring (France) 

1974: Ring Ring (remixed version 1) - ? 
June 1973: Love Isn't Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough - I Am Just A Girl. Polar POS 1176.
1973: Nina, Pretty Ballerina - He Is Your Brother. Vogue (France) Nina, Pretty Ballerina France